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Scientific Antimicrobial Breakthrough Of The Century


University Tested Antiviral & Antibacterial Transparent Film for Interior Home and Business Applications.

Patent-pending technology proven in University studies to deactivate viruses by 99.9% (or more) in 2 hours.

A transparent layer of antiviral and antibacterial protection perfect for countertops, desks, light switches, stairway handrails and countless other interior surfaces.

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Versatile Protection Throughout Your Home

PuraFilm™ can be easily cut-to-fit a variety of surfaces, shapes and objects, including door handles, staircase rails, light switches and TV remotes.

With children running in and out of the house, keeping countertops and tables disinfected and free of germs can be challenging. With PuraFilm™, simply install a layer on the surfaces or objects you want protected and there’s nothing else to do.

Patented Technology. Proven University Results.

Developed jointly by the New Energy and Industry Technology Development Organization (NEDO), and the University of Tokyo, PuraFilm™ has undergone numerous research studies and has been proven to quickly deactivate viruses by 99.9% (or more) in just two hours..

Anti-COVID 19
Child Friendly

Surfaces You can Apply On

Stair Banister
Back of Phone
Suitcase Handle
Door Knobs
Office Desk
Hospital Bed
Child Desk
Child Supplies
Office Light Switch
Elevator Buttons
ATM Machine
Garage Remote Control
Buiilding Door
Office DOor
BookBag and Desk
Home Light Switches
Remote Control
PuraFilm™ Proven ‘Superior’ in University Research

Jointly developed by the New Energy and Industry Technology Development Organization (NEDO), and the University of Tokyo, PuraFilm™ is designed to quickly deactivate pathogens commonly found on “high touch” interior surfaces in your home.

PuraFilm™ is a durable, transparent film that can be easily cut-to-fit almost any surface. Designed for use on smooth surfaces where people gather, prepare food, have meals, play games or regularly come into contact with on a regular basis.

A crystal-clear layer of antiviral & antibacterial protection

Apply a layer of film to any non-porous surface and feel confident knowing that PuraFilm™ is permanently working to deactivate viruses and bacteria.

While disinfectant sprays and wipes require reapplying throughout the day, PuraFilm™ works continually to protect against pathogens on a permanent basis.



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“The first place I used PuraFilm™ was on our kitchen island where my kids are always coloring and drawing. I love knowing that this film is protecting them. And it couldn't be any easier to use.”

– Carrie, Orange County

“The stuff is super simple to apply. And once you do, you really don’t have to use disinfectant sprays on that surface any longer. I even put PuraFilm™ on all of our TV remotes.”

– David, South Dakota

“It’s scary with COVID-19 still around. If somebody comes home with any sort of virus, I don’t want them transferring it to a countertop where it can live for days. PuraFilm™ gives me peace of mind.”

– Mark, Florida

“While I don’t understand the science behind this product, the fact that University testing proves it works to disable bacteria and viruses is all I need to know.”

– Jennifer, Virginia