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Scientific Antimicrobial Breakthrough Of The Century
Q. What surfaces are PuraFilm™ best suited?
A. PuraFilm™ adheres beautifully to virtually any non-porous, smooth surface, such as countertops, desks, staircase rails, light switches, toilet flush handles, cell phones, TV remotes, refrigerator handles and countless other places in your home.
Q. How long does PuraFilm™ keep working?
A. Indefinitely! As long as the film is undamaged, PuraFilm™ will keep working to help protect you and your family against pathogens on interior surfaces.
Q. Is PuraFilm™ safe to use around infants?
A. Yes. This durable, easy-to-use film is non-toxic and can be safely used around people of all ages – from infants to seniors.
Q. Is PuraFilm™ available for business applications?
A. Yes. It’s ideal for commercial use, including hospitals, schools, assisting living centers, restaurants, big box home stores, supermarkets, drug stores, convenience stores, malls and warehouse club stores.
Q. How do I clean PuraFilm™?
A. Soap and warm water.
Q. Is it available in stores?
A. No. PuraFilm™ is exclusively available here. Due to demand, supplies are limited so be sure to order as soon as possible.
Q. Should I replace PuraFilm™ if it becomes damaged?
A. Yes, the film is durable and designed to last for years. However, if the surface is cut, damaged or otherwise compromised, it should be replaced with a new layer.
Q. What surfaces are not suitable for PuraFilm™?
A. Uneven surfaces, dirty or dusty surfaces, rough surfaces, extremely curved surfaces, patterned stainless steel surfaces, textured wall surfaces… or wallpapered surfaces, including cloth or vinyl.
Q. Are there any extreme temperature limitations?
A. Yes, interior environments where the ambient temperature exceeds -20 to -60c/-4 to -76f.
Q. Can I use PuraFilm™ on electronic devices, such as smartphones and PCs?
A. Only on selected, limited surfaces, such as the back of a smartphone. But it’s not recommended for use on the screen of either a PC, tablet or smartphone. Please note that once the film is adhered a surface, attempting to remove it could result in damage to that item.
Q. Are there any safety concerns I should be aware of when using PuraFilm™?
A. The film’s corners are sharp, so users are advised to use care when handling this product.
Q. Will using this film protect my entire home?
A. No, PuraFilm™ offers protection only on those surfaces where it has been applied.
Q. Does PuraFilm™ lose its effectiveness when exposed to moisture or heat?
A. It is not recommended for use in extremely hot and humid conditions, or specific surfaces of your home that are often splashed, or otherwise exposed to water.
Q. Will the film be inactivated if temporarily exposed to water?
A. The antivirus properties are ONLY temporarily inactivated by water. The film becomes re-activated by exposing it to visible light (indoor lighting).
Q. Can I use PuraFilm™ outdoors?
A. This film is intended for indoor use only. Exposure to sunlight and strong UV radiation can significantly reduce the ability to regenerate antiviral effects.
Q. Can PuraFilm™ be applied with water?
A. This film can be applied with water, but water bubbles (including water spots) may form after application.